Where should I sell my things? Craigslist vs Amazon vs others

Amazon: decent for anything else, or people with a lot to sell -Not everything on Amazon is sold by Amazon. In fact, most things on Amazon are sold by third-party stores and people like you. This also includes used items – hence the “Used and New” link on most Amazon listings.

So how do you stack? Well, it’s actually kind of similar to eBay. Amazon has a fee when you sell with them, although the fees differ from category to category – all told, however, they are comparable to eBay, and in some cases are even higher.

Similarly, they also offer greater buyer protection than seller protection, although informal surveys have found many sellers who prefer Amazon, as Amazon will sometimes resolve disputes instead of paying the seller. Your mileage may vary.



Here’s the real advantage for Amazon: it’s a lot less work than eBay, especially if you sell a lot of things. You don’t have to write a long list, for example, because Amazon has a database of products and a well-built tool to sell them. Amazon is probably best for those who sell a lot of inventory (such as a store third), but it’s good if you want to sell the occasional used item as well – especially something that’s not as big a ticket (say, a pair of headphones), because most of those buyers are already on Amazon.

Other sites: Swappa for phones, Hardwareswap for PC components and more

Here’s the real secret: some of the best sites are not the most popular. In fact, the best sites are usually a little on the beaten path – and are bubbling around a certain category of articles.

For example, you can sell an iPhone almost anywhere, but Android phones are a little harder. Swappa is, in my experience, the best place to sell phones – their database makes it easy to sell the exact model you have, it’s easy to find out what your phone is worth and there are no fees. Instead of taking a percentage of your sale, they charge $ 10 to buyers – which means you don’t lose as much money as you do with eBay or Amazon.

Similarly, while I’ve had decent luck selling computer parts on eBay, you can probably do better selling them on PC building forums like / r / hardware swap or Hard Forum. You have a fairly large audience of people who know what they are looking for and since you are selling directly to the buyer, there are no fees. Just make sure, like Craigslist san diego, that you know how to see and avoid scams.

Facebook classified as Craigslist competitor

You can also find good luck with other communities classified as chicago Craigslist. Facebook, for example, has become a popular place in many cities for buying and selling – see if there are community swap groups in your area. Offer Up is also starting to become popular, and in addition to being more mobile, it’s very similar to Craigslist in practice (although there aren’t that many users, you may want to cast a wide net and list the items on both). Just look for your dream stuff here

Don’t be afraid to try a few different places. Craigslist doesn’t charge you any fees, so if you’re out of luck, you have nothing to lose by taking it on the list and trying it on eBay or Amazon. Just make sure you factor in the fees whenever you list online – and adjust your price accordingly.

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