Windows 10

Windows 10 was officially new editions launched 

In September 2014, Windows 10 was officially launched and this meant a new change in the way Microsoft offers the range of operating systems for both home and business users with a renewed, reliable system full of various and different features. types of licenses. Now, over the years, new editions have been launched which are focused on a special type of user and which have different differences between them, which may harm certain actions to be performed on the system. Depending on the needs and the type of user, we can focus on one version or another. Although windows 11 iso download is always discussed in general in 2020, it is necessary to know that different editions coexist that we can acquire according to what we need.

Although these editions, which are around 10, essentially have the core of Windows 10, there are a series of characteristics that make them unique and different from the others, and today we will see in Solvetic what these editions are and how they will affect the end-user.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Home

This edition of Windows 10 comes by default on all computers sold in chain stores and others. This edition includes all the Windows 10 experience with features that the average home user will have the opportunity to use. It is the version that appears as standard on computers when we buy them and therefore includes the basic software features to carry out tasks with our PC.

When using Windows 10 Home, we will have at hand various features such as Cortana, Windows Store, Xbox connectivity and compatibility with tablet and touch functions. This Home edition leaves out some of the business-oriented features of window 12 iso download that are vital for executing certain management tasks.

Windows 10 Pro

This edition is the equivalent of Windows 8 Pro and although it is based on what we have with Home offers, Windows 10 Pro includes more functions for advanced users, professionals, programmers and commercial use.

The biggest differences when using Windows 10 Pro are the ability to bind a machine to a domain, BitLocker encryption support, and Group Policy support to easily change settings at the enterprise-wide scale.

It includes more advanced features aimed at more professional areas that require more complex features such as WIP information protection or everything related to servers, policy management and Azure management. We can also create virtual machines or manage remote desktops when we work with the version of Windows 10 Pro.

This type of edition is focused on IT professionals and business people. You can upgrade your copy of Windows 10 Home to Pro for about $ 99.

Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S has been developed by Microsoft with a focus on security and performance since it is a light edition of Windows 10. Its main difference is that you can only install applications from the Windows Store, so it will not work with any known desktop software for increased security.

In addition to this, Microsoft Edge is the default browser and it will not be possible to change Bing’s default search engine. Windows 10 S is available pre-installed on low-end, low-cost devices. Windows 10 S includes traditional applications like Office and other more used ones like Spotify or Evernote. The S version allows faster start times as the software load is less. For data storage we will have a cloud store from OneDrive or Dropbox.

As for the desktop environment, in the Windows 10 S version we can enjoy the multitasking concept such as the use of the virtual desktop or task view to configure our screen according to the operations we are performing. We will have included options for applications such as Paint 3D, Windows Hello or Windows Ink. If you are a student or want hardware for them, the Windows 10 S version is quite adequate.

Microsoft’s objective with Windows 10 S, is to actively participate in the education market, since it is a kind of competitor to the already known Chromebooks. Although it is possible to upgrade Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro for USD 50, it is not recommended to use Windows 10 S if we are active users of the system.

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